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Thank you for stopping by Your Writing Table, where we provide BEST-SELLING premium, professional editing and book-writing services! We are here to help you tell YOUR story the way you want the world to read it!

Whether you are a 1st time author or it's your 10th book, we will help you from start to finish or wherever you are in your writing process!

Our team is dedicated to providing each client with one on one individual attention to be sure your project is just as you want... from front cover to back cover, first page to the last page!

We also offer (see the SERVICES tab for more info):

  • Editing (developmental, line, copy editing & more)

  • Transcription (audio & video)

  • Content creation

  • Book formatting & page layout

I believe there is a story inside of you...
A story that is filled with hope, laced with inspiration & excited to encourage. Whether it's business, fiction, poetry or a memoir...  
I can't wait to help you find your voice and let it speak FREELY to  the world!

They need  to hear from YOU...

Your Writing Table has a seat for you!  - Chelsia


YWT has a podcast!!
And we want YOU to be a guest... read below!


Attention all women writers! We are excited about this new platform where we will talk about all things writing & editing!

If you would like to be a guest on our show, click on the link below to schedule a call! We would love to talk with you!

Click here to listen to podcast episodes!

*SAVE THE DATE* Sat, Nov 12 2022


Many of us have experienced the loss of a loved one and it has really hit us hard. Sometimes we don't know how to process those feelings and they stay with us for years & years.

Our founder, Chelsia McCoy, is no stranger to grief... she is a widow and she has also lost her father and other close loved ones. If you are in the Houston TX area, come out and receive encouraging words & support as we discuss how to not just "get over it" but actually grow through it!

Hope to see you there!

table writing tips...

YWT's owner, Chelsia McCoy,  had the pleasure of being interviewed on Open Book Publishing's "Dear Author" Lunch & Learn series. In this snippet, Janee Brown and I talk about editing price points and what writers need to pay attention to when looking for an editor.

It is important to pay attention to the rates that are provided and it is OKAY to ask questions!! When hiring an editor, their rates must fit in your budget. 

Know the difference between a rate based on "per word" vs "per page." It makes a HUGE difference when it comes to cost.


There's nothing better than a satisified client. If you wondered about joining us at Your Writing Table? The clients can tell you  themselves! 

See more Testimonials -click HERE!



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You read the book, now watch the video documentary on Amazon Prime Video!


Click on the image to be directed to Amazon Prime Video!

YWT's CEO/owner, Chelsia McCoy, shares some life-changing events in this awesome documentary adapted from the book. Chelsia, along with 17 other women, boldly tell their stories to encourage and promote confidence to stand in their truth. Even though they experienced trauma, their tears did not override their triumph!

Click here to purchase the book!

Your Writing Table wants to help you get your book written!

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