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And this is Chelsia... the one who organizes
& sets up the "Table." 
Let's get to know her a little bit...


Published Author

Book-writing Consultant

Self-Publishing Consultant







I am more than just the titles shown above. I am passionate and on fire for showing aspiring writers and seasoned authors how to find their voice and tell their stories. Whether it's for business, a personal memoir or a fictional story with a spicy plot, there is a book inside each of us.  With over 20 years of writing and literary experience, I believe everyone has a story to share; or an idea to inspire someone through their personal experience & perspective and shake up the world!

I worked in corporate America for over 15 years, but my desire was to always do writing and editing. I enjoyed the corporate job, but my heart is with books and helping others tell their stories. In 2022, life took a turn and I left corporate to do writing and editing full-time.

"Helping people write books, edit manuscripts & documents is something I get excited about for each project. My passion is seeing others fulfill their dream of becoming published authors."

Everything I do is designed to give you the tools needed which will empower, encourage, and motivate you to become your best you:  at Your Writing Table!


Your project,

Your way...

in Your words!

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I would love to work with you! Click on the button below & let's reserve YOUR seat at the table!

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